Activity Report


 Medical Seminar (Richmond)

 May 13, 2006


Dr. Masayoshi Kobayashi [ School of Medicine , Virginia Commonwealth University]

Subject: Sleep Apnea Syndrome [S.A.S.]


Dr. Saho Ayabe [PMUSA Sensory Research Group / University of Health & Science]

Subject: Sense of Smell and Its Psychology


Introductions by Tomiyoshi Furuta, Vice Chairman of the Japanese Committee, JVS.


This is Dr. Kobayashi’s second time lecturing for JVS. His unique sense of humor helps the participants relax and makes the topic easier to comprehend. 

So, that is what Sleep Apnea Syndrome is all about. Any questions?


Dr. Ayabe opens a door, and shows the audience a new way and perspective to understand their sense of smell and its psychological aspects with frequent, interesting quotes. 

Dr. Kobayashi, Dr. Ayabe and JVS staff.