Activity Report


 Medical Seminar (Newport News)

 September 23, 2006


 This seminar was held at the auditorium of the Newport News Japanese School and organized by this school. We have been helping with this seminar.

 We invited two Japanese doctors from Virginia Commonwealth University. They came to Virginia for their research and studies from Japan. Dr. Dai Shida is from Tokyo University. His specialty is surgery of the digestive apparatus. He spoke about breast cancer and stomach cancer. Dr. Keisuke Taya is from  the Jikei University School of Medicine. His specialty is brain-neurosurgery. He spoke about mechanism and disease of the brain.  Their speeches were very interesting to the audience of around 40 people. Most people attending were from the Newport News Japanese School.


Opening Greeting from Mr. Kurihara, the principal of the Newport News Japanese School.


Many people arrived before the opening.



Dr. Shida used a lot of diagrams and tables during his speech. These helped the audience to understand very much.

For the first time, we used a large screen during the medical seminar.


Mr. Taya introduced a lot of actual cases, which were very interesting to the audience.


Mr. Nakamura, chairman of Japanese Committee of Japan-Virginia Society, gave the closing address. Thank you very much for everyone's presentation and participation.