Activity Report


  Business Seminar (Colonial Golf Course)

  October 6, 2006


 The seminar was held in the conference room of the Colonial Golf Club, Williamsburg VA.

 We invited Mr. Richard Biever, commercial security officer of Hewlett Packard as our speaker. He spoke about his specialty, security compliance of corporations. It was very interesting and thought-provoking. 

 Directors of corporations and IT persons (around 20 business people) participated in the seminar, .


Poster at the front of seminar room.




Mr. Biever has had a lot of experiences giving lectures. Although his speech used many specialized words and case-specific information, it was very understandable to the attendees who were not specialists.

Everybody is listening with great interest to the speech.




Attendees give their serious attention to the presentation.




Mr. Mitarai (left), Hewlett Packard, helped us with the seminar. Ms. Motoko Ferrara (right), translator, helped the Japanese audience to more clearly understand and analyze the information.

From left. Mr. Nakamura (Chairman of Japanese Committee of JVS), Mr. Mitarai, Mr. Biever, Ms. Ferrara and Mr. Furuta (Vice chairman of Japanese Committee)