Activity Report


 Medical Seminar (Richmond)

 May 12, 2007


 The seminar was held in the Richmond Japanese School.

 We invited two Japanese doctors, the husband and wife team of Dr. Yuko Shida and Dr. Dai Shida.

 Dr. Yuko Shida, from the Hospital in affiliation with Tokyo University  Medical Science, spoke about diseases of the mouth. Dr. Dai Shida, from Tokyo University Cancer Surgery,  spoke about breast cancer. Their topics were of great interest to the audience.

 Around 30 people, mainly from the Japanese School, participated in this seminar.


Dr. Yuko Shida is also the principal of the Richmond Japanese School.


The seminar focused on topics familiar to us.



Dr. Dai Shida held a medical seminar at the Newport News Japanese School last year, so this is his second seminar for him. Thank you very much.

Speakers and staff members of the Japanese Committee of JVS.