Activity Report


 Medical Seminar (Newport News)

 September 22, 2007


 This seminar was held in the auditorium of the Newport News Japanese School and organized by this school. We have been helping with this seminar.

 We invited two Japanese doctors from Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Kazuaki Takabe (Surgeon, Tumor) and Dr. Masahiko Nagahama (Physician, Kidney). Dr. Takabe's talk was titled "Where do you have an operation, in the US or Japan?" Dr. Nagahama spoke about the comparison of medicine between the US and Japan. Their speeches were very interesting to the audience of around forty (40) people. Most people attending were from the Newport News Japanese School.


Opening Greeting from Mr. Furuta, the vice chairman of the Japanese Committee of the Japan-Virginia Society.


A large audience!



Dr. Nagahama used a lot of data from the US and Japan. The audience was very interested in this data and his talk.


We used a large screen to present the information.

This worked out very well.



Mr. Takabe introduced his experiences as a doctor, which were very interesting to the audience. His sense of humor had the audience laughing a great deal during his speech!