Activity Report


  Business Seminar (Colonial Heritage Club)

  June 13, 2008


 We held the business seminar in the conference room of the Colonial Heritage Club.

 We invited Mr. Hill Wellford and Mr. J. R. Smith from Hunton & Williams LLP. The seminar's title was "Cutting Edge Employment." Both Mr. Wellford and Mr. Smith spoke on very interesting and varied topics about Labor Unions The Ten (10) people, who attended the seminar, included directors and human resource personnel from Japanese affiliated companies.


Front of Colonial Heritage Club Building with JVS seminar information poster.


The attendees exchanged greetings with each other before the seminar. It was a good opportunity for everyone.


Mr. Wellford was the main speaker with Mr. J. R. Smith as support.


Mr. Wellford is a specialist for companies' strategies of labor unions and is also a sought after speaker for his expertise on labor and employment law.

Everybody listened very seriously.



This is a very well-maintained course!  We had a wonderful golf outing in the afternoon!