Activity Report


  Business Seminar (Colonial Heritage Club)

  September 12, 2008


 We held our business seminar in the conference room of the Colonial Heritage Club again!

 We invited Mr. Eliot Norman, Esq from Williams Mullen and Ms. Yoko Katayama from Mitsubishi Chemical USA, Inc. The seminar's title was "Immigration Matters for Japanese Companies." Both Mr. Norman and Ms. Katayama spoke on interesting and varied topics about Immigration Laws and American Visas for Japanese Companies. The Twelve (12) people who attended the seminar included directors and human resource personnel from Japanese affiliated companies.


Everybody introduced themselves before the seminar according to a suggestion from Mr. Norman.


Mr. Norman is an experienced speaker, so his speech aroused the interest of  the audience. He is also a member of the JVS Board and Secretary in the JVS.

Ms. Katayama said "It is my first time speaking at a seminar." I didn't feel that, and her speech, based on her long term experience of Immigration matters, was very well received by the audience.

Mr. Norman and Ms. Katayama have known each other for more than ten years. They showed us that their teamwork was perfect!

Mr. Sugaya, Vice Chairman of the JVS, concluded the seminar.


Colonial Heritage had aerated the golf course the week of the seminar. However, we still enjoyed a wonderful golf outing in the afternoon!