Activity Report


 Medical Seminar (Newport News)

 September 20, 2008


 This seminar was held in the auditorium of the Newport News Japanese School and organized by this school and the Society.

 We invited two Japanese doctors from Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Kazuaki Takabe (Surgeon, Tumor) and Dr. Masahiko Nagahama (Physician, Kidney). Their speeches were very interesting to the audience of around thirty (30) people. Most people attending were from the Newport News Japanese School.


This is the poster for the seminar.



Dr. Nagahama spoke about the comparison of medicine between the US and Japan, as a follow-on to his previous talk to the JVS.

Dr. Takabe talked about Breast Cancer. One woman out of seven in the U.S. has had Breast Cancer according to the statistics.

Mr.Kitada, Principal of the school, concluded the seminar.