Activity Report


 Mochi-tsuki* and New Year Party (Richmond) 

January 4, 2009

   This exciting annual event has been a JVS tradition for many years. We had 277participants this year.

Young and old (some from Washington DC) all got together at Kabuto South, a Japanese restaurant,

on the first Sunday of the year. The day was filled with great times and tasty treats.


  The traditional mochi-tsuki demonstration calls for a pair of real wooden mortar and a mallet

(see the link Mochi-tsuki). In Japan, mochitsuki traditionally takes place at shrines, public places, and homes. However, these days many urban Japanese people rarely have an opportunity to experience mochitsuki.


  Thanks to the fun raffle that was held, 75 lucky people went home full of smiles with the prizes.

 We look forward to having you at our next Mochi-tsuki & New Year Party!




We had this event at Kabuto (South) again.





The preparations are going on. Mochi has many kind of  flavors such as  Anko (Sweet Red Bean Paste), Kinako (Roasted Soy Bean Powder) and Nori. (Seaweed Wrap with Soy Sause)


Very powerful pounding demonstration. These people are pounding rice to make mochi.



A little one challenges with a big help from the experienced. Children were waiting in a long line to experience this.




We had many people at this event.



These people are volunteers who worked at the raffle section.

Thank you very much.




We were able to hold this event with the generous support of the sponsors listed below; 


 ANA -All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

 Canon Virginia, Inc.

 Continental Airlines

 Far Eastern Foods

 Economic Development of Chesterfield County

 Harukawa Sushi Restaurant

 IACE Travel

 International Golf Discount - Hampton Road Golf, Inc.

 JALPAK International USA, Inc.

 Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd.

 Kabuto Japanese House of Steaks (South)

 Kappo Nara - Japanese Restaurant

 Kinyo Virginia, Inc.

 "K" Line America, Inc.

 Maruchan Virginia, Inc.

 MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc.

 Mitsubishi Chemical Group

 NGK-Locke Polymer Insulators, Inc.

 Nippon Express USA, Inc.

 Northwest Airlines, Inc.

 San-J International, Inc.

 SOYA Japanese Restaurant

 Virginia Economic Development Partnership

 Wako Chemicals USA, Inc.

 Williams Mullen

 Yupo Corporation America

Sixty-six (66) volunteers helped with this event.

The Japan-Virginia Society deeply appreciates your sponsorship and continued support for this event.