Activity Report


  Business Seminar (Colonial Heritage Club)

  June 10, 2009


 We held the business seminar in the conference room of the Colonial Heritage Club.

 We invited Mrs. Ann Bibeau from Vandevender Black LLP. The seminar's title was "Walking the Tight rope: Avoiding Unions and Other Management Missteps." This lecture was about problems of unions and employment.

  Twenty-two people, who attended the seminar, included directors and human resource personnel from Japanese affiliated companies.


Front of Colonial Heritage Club Building with JVS seminar  poster.


The attendees exchanged greetings and information with each other before the seminar.


Mr. Geoffrey Hemphill (Partner of this attorney office) gave the welcome. He took over from Mr. Cohen ( ex-Board of Director of JVS) who left the same the same law firm last year.



Ms. Ann Bibeau was the honorable speaker of this seminar. She looked into the important subject deeply and her lecture was favorably received.


Mr.Sugaya, vice chairman of JVS, gave a speech at the end of this seminar.






It was a fine day. The guest speaker and people who attended this seminar enjoyed playing golf in the afternoon.