Activity Report


 Medical Seminar (Newport News)

 September 19, 2009


 This seminar was held in the auditorium of the Newport News Japanese School and organized by this school and the Society.

 We invited two Japanese doctors from Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Yasutaka Oda ( The Resuscitation of the Heart and the Lungs ------ in readiness for an emergency ) and Dr. Masanori Yasuo

( Tobacco and Health ).Their speeches were very interesting to the audience of around twenty-five (25) people. Most people attending were from the Newport News Japanese School.


This is a scene before the seminar starts. JVS stuffs and people at Newport News Japanese School are preparing for this seminar.


Dr. Oda spoke about "The resuscitation of the heart and the lungs ----in readiness for an emergency ". His speech was focused on the importance of taking emergency measures before the ambulance arrives.

Dr. Yasuo spoke about "Tobacco and Health".

It is said that people who smoke make their life span 10 years shorter than without smoking according to the statistics.

Mr. Sugaya, Vice Chairman of JVS and Principal of the school concluded this seminar.