Activity Report


 Medical Seminar (Richmond)

 November14, 2009


 This seminar was held parts of the Bon Air Baptist Church where Richmond Japanese School is located.

 We invited a Japanese doctor from Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Yasutaka Oda ( The Resuscitation of the Heart and the Lungs ------ in readiness for an emergency ) who also gave a lecture in Newport News Japanese School in this September. In addition to his field, Dr. Oda specially gave a lecture about H1N1 influenza, which is a current topic, to meet the demands of people.

 His lectures were very interesting to the audience of around twenty-five (25) people. Most people attending were from the Richmond Japanese School.


JVS stuff and Dr. Oda are making preparation for this seminar. They discuss carefully beforehand.



Slides of his works were projected on the screen. Dr. Oda seemed very comfortable in speaking, which made us feel very relaxed.


Dr. Oda also gave a lecture about H1N1 influenza. People listened to him very seriously as if they couldn't feel that it had no concern of them.


A commemorative photo of Dr. Oda and JVS stuffs. Thank you very much for making this seminar successful.