Activity Report


 Mochi-tsuki* and New Year Party (Richmond) 

January 17, 2010




   This exciting annual event at Kabuto South Japanese restaurant has been a JVS tradition for many years. We had 324 participants, about 50 more than last year. Many people came from Richmond and the neighboring districts. In addition to them, some people came from Hampton Roads and other areas. Both American and Japanese people had a great time.


  The traditional mochi-tsuki demonstration calls for a pair of real wooden mortar and a mallet

(see the link Mochi-tsuki). These days many urban Japanese people rarely have an opportunity to experience mochitsuki. However, young and old experienced Mochitsuki with the help of volunteers.

After that, they enjoyed tasty fresh mochi and zoni(mochi soup).


   Thanks to the fun raffle that was held, more than 70 lucky people went home full of smiles with the prizes.



This is inside Kabuto South restaurant. Kabuto and a poster of Japanese New Year Greeting create a Japanese atmosphere.



Very powerful pounding demonstration by men. When it starts, the room resounded with the shout, "Yoisho! (Here we go!) "



Mrs, Yamagichi, wife of the owner of Kabuto tried Mochitsuki.




Two little ones challenge with a help from adults.




These are the prizes for more than 70 lucky people thanks to the donation of many companies.



We had many people at this event. They enjoyed many kind of  flavors such as  Anko (Sweet Red Bean Paste), Kinako (Roasted Soy Bean Powder) and Nori. (Seaweed Wrap with Soy Sause)



We were able to hold this event with the generous support of the sponsors listed below; 



Kabuto Japanese House of Steaks (South)

 Kappo Nara - Japanese Restaurant

 Kinyo Virginia, Inc.

 "K" Line America, Inc.

 Maruchan Virginia, Inc.

 MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc.

 Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group

 NGK-Locke Polymer Insulators, Inc.

 Nippon Express USA, Inc.

 San-J International, Inc.

 Sompo Japan Insurance Company of America

 Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of America

 Virginia Economic Development Partnership

 Wako Chemicals USA, Inc.

 Williams Mullen

 Yupo Corporation America

Seventy-one (71) volunteers helped with this event.

The Japan-Virginia Society deeply appreciates your sponsorship and continued support for this event.