Activity Report


  Business Seminar (Colonial Heritage Club)

  June 02, 2010


  We held the business seminar in the conference room of the Colonial Heritage Club.

  Dr. Katsuaki Mikamo from Japanese embassy was invited. He works as a councilor and a doctor of medicine. The seminar's title was "How to prevent metabolic syndrome ".

  Ten people, who attended the seminar, included directors and human resource personnel from Japanese affiliated companies.


This is Colonial Heritage Club where seminar was held.



The contents of this seminar is posted.



 Dr. Mikamo has given lectures energetically in all around the United States and Canada. The numbers of his lectures were more than twenty times in the past two tears.



Dr. Mikamo's lecture was very clear and easy to understand for the audience.



Mr. Ota, board of director and chairman of the Japan- Virginia Society spoke at the end of this seminar.


It was a fine day. The guest speaker and people who attended this seminar enjoyed playing golf in the afternoon.