Activity Report


 Medical Seminar (Newport News)

 October 1, 2011


 This seminar was held in the auditorium/cafeteria of the Newport News Japanese School and organized by this school and the Society.

 We invited two Japanese doctors from Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Kenji Otowa (specializes in the study of psychiatrist ) and Dr. Akimitsu Yamada (a surgeon who specializes in tumor and digestive organs). Their speeches were very interesting to the audience of around twenty-five (15) people. Most people attending were from the Newport News Japanese School.


This seminar was held at the cafeteria of Newport News Japanese School.







"Live a mindful life." is the title of Dr. Otowa's lecture. When we have something wrong, we tend to forget about it. Dr.Otowa thinks it is not a good idea because it is not good for our mental health.





"Breast cancer and its checkup" is the title of Dr. Yamada's lecture. He mentioned the importance of self-check at home in addition to the checkup at the hospital.



Most of the people came from Newport News Japanese School and most of them are women.