Activity Report


 Medical Seminar (Richmond)

 November13, 2010


  This seminar was held parts of the Bon Air Baptist Church where Richmond Japanese School is located.

  We invited a Japanese doctor from Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Masayuki Nagahashi who specializes in Surgical Oncology. He also gave a lecture in Newport News Japanese School in this September. In addition to his topic, "Cancer at an early stage", he explained about cancer from every angle.

   The number of audience was around twenty-five (14) people. Most people attending were from the Richmond Japanese School but some people were from others.



This is the second time for Dr. Nagahashi to have a lecture.





He told us that most Japanese suffer from "lung cancer". We do not even know that one in two people are likely to have a cancer in their lifetime.




In the united States, inexpensive, cancer-causing corn syrup is used in many products. We have to take care of our diet to prevent having cancer.




Dr. Nagahashi and his wife. Thank you very much.