Activity Report

Business Seminar (Colonial Heritage Club)

May 27, 2016


  We held our spring business seminar in the conference room of the Colonial Heritage Club again!


 This seminar was cosponsored by One Power Consulting and Pacific Dreams Inc.

 We invited Mr. Sakai, President from Pacific Dreams Inc. His seminar's title was "HR Best Practices" regarding labor management.


  The 30 people who attended the seminar included directors from Japanese affiliated companies.


This seminar was held at the Club House of Colonial Heritage Club again.

Mr. Fukasawa, Chairman of our Japanese committee and Ms. Fujiwara, President of One Power Consulting gave an opening speech prior to this seminar.

Mr. Sakai gave the audience a detailed explanation of extensive knowledge regarding employment process in plain terms.

The audience listened attentively to his lecture based on his insight and experience of long standing.

Those interested enjoyed playing golf under perfect weather in the afternoon. Mr. "K" from Company "K" sank several meter long putt at the18th.