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Opportunities for members


* Seminars and round table discussions with corporate and government representatives of Japan, United States and Virginia.

* Seminars and lectures on timely business and economic issues.

* Essential corporate introductions --U.S. and Japanese ---providing opportunities for Virginia service corporations and suppliers to strengthen relationship with Japanese corporations doing business in Virginia.

*Customized cultural preparation [business etiquette and practices] for Virginia corporations doing business with Japanese corporations.

*Basic interpreting and translating with references for major projects; References to Japanese classes.

*Internship of young Japanese professionals in Virginia corporations.

Educational/Cultural /Social

*Acculturation programs. [assistance to newly arrived Japanese families]

*Support of Japanese Saturday Schools throughout Virginia.

*Programs on Japanese society, history, and culture followed by social events.

*Programs on Virginia / American society, history and culture for Japanese.

*Events, parties, in Japanese and American styles:

      New Year parties [Mochi-tsuki] / Golf outings

*Sister Cities encouragement, maintenance and development.

*Establishment of sister school relationships and school exchanges.

* Assisting artistic and cultural exchanges.

Consular Services

* The Society serves as an alliance partner for handling of Japanese Citizenship matters including the handling of passport and general concerns of Japanese living in Virginia.